Find out your Harry Potter Patronus

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This is the easy way to find your Harry Potter patronus! Just take the test, answer true to who you are, and soon enough your patronus will be revealed.

Your result may be a joyful owl or a brave stag. It might be a cunning hare or a shy siamese cat. There are seven possible results in all. Good luck in getting your perfect match!

Created by: Sophie
  1. There is a talent show at hog warts. You...
  2. You are asked to partner up to make polyjuice potion. You go with...
  3. You choose a house to be in. You choose
  4. Which super power would you want?
  5. There is a secret door. You...
  6. There is a troll in Hogwarts. You...
  7. Fire or ice?
  8. Land or sea?
  9. Star or moon?
  10. Would you rather live 15 years as a rat or 10 years in Azkaban?

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Quiz topic: Find out my Harry Potter Patronus