Find out which traits your soulmate will have!

Do you want to find out who you will marry in the future, or who you know who it is? Take this quiz and find out! Will they be just like you, or very different?

Good luck on the quiz. It is not 100% accurate but you never know... Hopefully you get a result you're happy with! What traits will your future soulmate have?

Created by: Lunala
  1. What high school stereotype are you most like out of these?
  2. Which are you?
  3. Your height is?
  4. Do you prefer silent people or loud people
  5. What would you want their first phrase spoken to you be when they find you?
  6. Your ideal first date?
  7. Pick a colour
  8. Your sense of humour?
  9. How much time would you spend with them per day?
  10. Finally, if you could do anything in time and space, what would you do?

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Quiz topic: Find out which traits my soulmate will have!