Find out what your star creature is

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Find out your star creature/guardian and you will get your creature that fits your personality and way of success your heart will be followed by your creature

This quiz will guess your personality 99% correctly and you will be given your awesome star creature and you will be guarded by them in your heart reminder this is fiction

Created by: Stardust Shoot of
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  1. Do you tend to be nice or aggresive?
  2. Do you cry in your pillow or in your blanket?
  3. Do you like sweet foods or spicy foods?
  4. What is your favourite myth animal included in this list
  5. Are you cool?
  6. What Rizz do you have?
  7. Furry animals or reptiles?
  8. Cereal before milk or after?
  9. Do you belive in myth creatures?
  10. Lastly bye!

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Quiz topic: Find out what my star creature is