Find out about Narwhals

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Great job this quiz is mostly for girls. You will be amazed! You are a unicorn or narwhal. So that is that good luck. Are you ready click it and gat started!

It tells how much you know about unicorns and narwhals. I'm am so happy you did my test I am really happy for you. Bye and take my other quizzes, see you

Created by: Jiayi

  1. unicorn or narwhal
  2. You are lost which way are you going?
  3. Which animal you like best?
  4. Planet or moon
  5. Blue ,red, yellow,green
  6. Would you rather have a tail or a horn or two heads or five hands?
  7. Lazy or responsible
  8. Long hair or short hair
  9. What's your name
  10. Some or squishy
  11. Nice stupid diffrent

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