Fate: Does it like you?

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Basically this is a random quiz. I'm not going to tell you this isn't one of the stupid ones because then I would be lying. This is just as stupid as all the other so called "random" quizzes and I do not want to hear otherwise. So go on. Take it. Have fun. This has nothing to do with an actual "fate" quotient (not scientific at least) but go on. Really. You'll enjoy it

Maybe. Probably not. I already said it was stupid. Why are you arguing with me? Get on with it. It's either this quiz or the economy one that skyrocketed to the top ten in a matter of about 2 seco- nevermind. I never mentioned that quiz. Take this one. Go on.

Created by: Jack Attack 1995

  1. 7. Pick #7
  2. A, B, or C?
  3. Yellow or Orange?
  4. Orange or Yellow?
  5. 1. Pick #1
  6. Does fate like you?
  7. Confidence doesn't get you everywhere but it sure gets you anywhere make sense?
  8. You know... this quiz seems to have nothing to do with your fate quotient whatsoever
  9. Pity...
  10. ... Green
  11. Nigel-
  12. Good job
  13. No, I meant- Nevermind it
  14. Thanks

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