Fashion IQ: real hard?

Many people know fashion designer others don't. But it's ok because fashion is a never leaving subject. Just never give you ok?? Your dreams will always live.

Have so much fun with the quiz because this thing is makiung me type alot so yeah um just take the quiz i know i may misspell worsd soye ah well just take the quiz.

Created by: Yorsec

  1. Which iconic designer had the beautiful Audrey Heprun wear that made her faimous?
  2. Which designer designs for Miu Miu?
  3. How do you CORRECTLY say Yves Saint Laurent?
  4. Who is Dolce & Gabanna?
  5. Who is John Galliano's most favorite fashion model when it comes to the runway?
  6. Which designer is vegetarian?
  7. Which fashion designer said quote, " I would never use an America' Next Top Model contestant."?
  8. Which brand is more likely to be part of knock-offs this year?
  9. Which designer brand usually has rich-colored tribal patterns?
  10. Which is NOT an American label?
  11. Last Question: It may not be the hardest quiz, but do you think this quiz will result right?

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