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There are some people who don't watch Family Guy at all, because they are douchebags. And then there are those people, who claim they are true Family Guy fans.

Are you a douchebag who doesn't watch Family Guy at all or are you a true Family Guy Fan who watches Family Guy all the time? Do you know your Family Guy Cutaway Gags? Take this quiz to find out! :)

Created by: ManicFanGirl95

  1. At the beginning of the episode where Lois becomes a model, Peter hopes that he would be picked to be on Carter's boat racing team. He then explains that he hasn't been part of a team since he was what???
  2. Brian admits that Peter has done some stupid things. In the episode Fast Times at Buddy Cianci Jr. High during a flashback, what did Peter do to the stairs?
  3. In the episode Petarded, Peter claims that winning what game was better than the time he met Timer?
  4. In the episode 8 Simple Rules For Buying My Teenage Daughter, there are claims that Mort's prices are more of a rip off than Peter's what?
  5. In the episode Holy Crap, Peter believed he was going to hell for being a bad son. Once there, he found Al Capone, Wilkes Booth and which fictional hero playing cards?
  6. In the episode Breaking Out Is Hard To Do, Brian recommended that Lois get therapy to help with her stealing problem like Peter had to when he got too obsessed with what?
  7. In the episode Peter's Got Woods, Peter claims that having James Woods as a friend is more exciting than the time he rode what?
  8. In the episode Brian Sings and Swings, Brian claims that he feels more exhilarated that the time Peter did what?
  9. Peter complains a hell of a lot. In the episode Vestigial Peter, Peter complained that watching the tennis with his twin Chip was more painful than what kind of meeting???
  10. In the episode, The Fat Guy Strangler, Stewie claimed that breaking into Babs and Carter's house was more exciting than the time he saw who fall down the stairs?

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