Fake Job Interview

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Hi,welcome to the Job Center,You are now going to apply for a job.Do you have what it takes to be hired or not ? Fill this out to get your answer instantly.

Why are we the best Job Center in the world ? You get your results instantly after applying.Will you come out the building with a drooping head and sad looking eyes ?.......Or will you come out an employee.We shall see...

Created by: T.

  1. If your co-worker,Joe,got on your nerves and did his work completly wrong,Which of the following would you most likely do ?
  2. Suppose you had to work over time every other day with no extra pay ?
  3. If your work got lost and you had to complete the whole entire packet again in 20 min. What would you do ?
  4. The boss has you write a 12 page essay that has to be done by the next day but you get home from work at 11:28 pm from work.You're extremely tired,What do you do ?
  5. Suppose your co-worker Joe, had a cold and came to work anyway but he had a bad cough. What would you do ?
  6. Most of the workers are out today you are chosen to do all of their work.What do you do ?
  7. Your co-worker didn't show up today,As ordered by the boss,you have to do his work and your work too,you have 40 minutes,What would you do ?
  8. You are on break and a call from your boss pops up on the phone screen.He's calling you in to do work but you are home on break.What do you do ?
  9. You loose alot of people's files in your desk. What do you do ?
  10. Suppose you were on lunch break and you came back to discover your lunch had been stolen ? What would you do ?
  11. Suppose you WERE hired,How would you react ? (Be honest)

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