Faith Factor (For Christians Only)!

Do you always keep your promises- to you friends, family members and God? Can people trust you to do a good job, no matter what? Take this quiz and find out.

This is a quiz by E. A. Wright that is in a Clubhouse magazine. I didn't make it up, but I found it, and copied it because I thought it would be a good one to share.

Created by: E. A. Wright

  1. When my teacher assigns homework:
  2. When my Sunday school teacher asks us to pray for a sick person:
  3. When it's time to do chores:
  4. When I go to baseball practice:
  5. When I volunteer with my youth group to clean up the park on weekends:
  6. When my best friend tells me a secret:
  7. When the vet says my dog needs to lose weight:
  8. When I borrow $10 from my brother for Dad's birthday present:
  9. When I wake up early to read my Bible:
  10. When it's time to get ready for church:

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