Extreme wedgies that are super fun

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This has 10 different wedgies that you could get some are painful some not as much one includes a friend in the wedgie one your friend gets to see you in only underwear who knows what you get.

Before starting this quiz get some friends and have them hold onto your underwear till you are in the wedgie if you don’t have everything required you are put in a hanging wedgie or jock lock wedgiethis is to make sure you don’t cheat

Created by: Curtis

  1. Do you like wedgies
  2. Are you easily embarrassed and do you like being embarrassed
  3. Does tape hurt to peel off
  4. MAle or female
  5. Will your friends come watch/give and take photos
  6. Do you like truth or dare
  7. Do you want your friends to be wedgied
  8. Do you live on a busy street
  9. Why are you here
  10. Do you wet yourself easily

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