Expecto Patronum! A quiz to find your Patronus.

Have you ever wanted to know what your Patronus is? Then this is the test for you! If you like/don't like it please rate it! Thank you and have fun!!!

P.S. This is only for fun, so don't get upset by the results! If you are wondering what Patronus you might get the options are: Flying Horse, Centaur, Owl, Snake, and Werewolf. Thanks, and enjoy! :)

Created by: Adora Hostetler
  1. Mammal, Make Believe, Bird, Reptile, or Wolf?
  2. Wing or Foot?
  3. Sky or Land?
  4. Forest or Field?
  5. Carnivore, Omnivore, or Herbivore
  6. Hoof or Tail?
  7. Dark or Light?
  8. Magical or Normal?
  9. Harry Potter or Non-Harry Potter?
  10. Animal or Non-Animal?

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Quiz topic: Expecto Patronum! A quiz to find my Patronus.