What is your Patronus?

Have you ever read Harry Potter? Do you know what "Expecto Patronum" is? Well, if you do, and you want to know what YOUR patronus is, take this quiz to find out!

Are you a kind doe, a fierce bear, an observant hawk, or a loyal wolf? Which animal captures your personality? Doe, Bear, Hawk, or Wolf? Take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Spencer Lee Hemminger

  1. Do people find you fierce?
  2. Do you like to be with others?
  3. Are you very observant?
  4. Do you seem intimidating to others?
  5. Are you weak alone, but strong with others?
  6. Do you like to be in charge?
  7. Do you get bad grades?
  8. Do people often call you a clean freak?
  9. Do you have a pack, or posse?
  10. Are you a kind of softie?
  11. Do you notice everything?
  12. Are you kind?
  13. Are you big and strong?
  14. Are you adventurous?

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