Erykah Badu Quiz

Many people would agree that out of all the R&B/Neo-Soul artists, Erykah Badu definitely stands out the most. From Baduizm to New Amerykah, Erykah has put effort and variety to all of her albums, and has never disappointed.

Do you think you know Erykah Badu? Have you been with her from Baduizm to New Amerykah? Do you qualify as an Erykah Badu superfan? Take this 33-question quiz and in minutes, you'll find out where you stand as an Erykah Badu fan.

Created by: Nick Pierce
  1. Erykah Badu's real name is:
  2. Erykah was born on:
  3. Erykah was born in:
  4. Erykah's middle name is:
  5. Before Erykah entered the music business, she was a(n):
  6. Erykah's first album is:
  7. This album was released in:
  8. All of the following songs were singles for the album EXCEPT
  9. Erykah had a son in 1997 named:
  10. Erykah's second album is:
  11. This album was released in:
  12. This album contained the single:
  13. The next album is:
  14. This album contained the singles:
  15. Selling 1.3M copies, this album is certified:
  16. Erykah's fourth album is called:
  17. The album's lead single was featured in the movie "Brown Sugar" and is called:
  18. These singles did not have a video:
  19. This bonus track was featured in the movie "Bamboozled":
  20. Erykah's fifth album is called:
  21. The album's lead single was:
  22. These singles did not have a video:
  23. This album reached No. 2 on the Billboard Top 200, selling this many copies in its first week:
  24. Erykah has announced plans to release three more albums, the first being called:
  25. The second one called:
  26. The third one called:
  27. The name of Erykah Badu's tour is:
  28. Erykah toured with:
  29. Erykah's first daughter's name is:
  30. Erykah's second daughter's name is:
  31. The song "Telephone" from "New Amerykah Part 1: 4th World War" is a tribute to:
  32. Erykah Badu's charity organization, B.L.I.N.D. (Beautiful Love Incorporated Non Profit Development), provides community-driven development for inner-city youth through music, dance, theater, and:
  33. Erykah uses what nickname on Twitter?

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