English Final 2008

There are many dumb people is this country and you are one of them. so, keep on working hard. you can become a genius! so, listen to your music and study in your room. do not be stupid.

Are you a smart person? i hope you are! because you can do it! i know you can!you can fill up your brain with every knowledge in there. so, do it. thanks for a great quiz!

Created by: burnbabe

  1. This event taught Richard what shame is.
  2. This event made Gregory transform from a boy to a man.
  3. Romeo slays County Paris upon seeing him in Juliet's tomb.
  4. Juliet's maid and best friend since she was a child.
  5. "But woo her gentle Paris, get her heart."
  6. ...was the name of Shakespeare's son who dies of the plaque.
  7. Gregory says he learns his greatest lesson in show business when...
  8. Match a word with this definition: wait
  9. "in a minute"
  10. Gregory's mother's friend who saw the star in his forehead.
  11. "Your mother is so small, she does chin-ups on the curb."
  12. "The tears rolled down their faces when i told them how the girls in pink and yellow floated like clouds to music sweet as a chorus of angels."
  13. Medgar Ever's funeral parade, Negroes marching (ants).
  14. In middle age, Shakespeare became more interested in...
  15. Richard gets his first kiss after the restaurant/waitress incident.
  16. Gregory didn't earn a college degree.
  17. before
  18. Benvolio acts as a prophet when he predicts that Romeo will meet "the one" at the feast which will make Rosline look like a "crow" and not a "swan".
  19. Dick Gregory was the first black man to...
  20. The name of Shakespeare's wife whom he later left was...
  21. The bar of soap was a slippery eel during the dog's bath.
  22. ...put together Shakespeare's plays to be published after his death.
  23. Gregory's greatest achievement is being...
  24. The blown stained glass window of Christ, with no eyes or head.
  25. Gregor's worst beating was when...
  26. Which notable celebrity got him his first real big break?
  27. "The City Hospital. The old place haunted me down after all."
  28. When the book ends, Gregory enjoys his first birthday party when he turns...
  29. Richard writes himself a fake telegram..
  30. Gregory wouldn't mind taking a beating from this PE teacher.
  31. Loneliness-Friendship-Betrayal-Secret-Life Lessons
  32. both Romeo and Juliet commit suicide is because Balthasar oversees Julie being buried and tells Romeo; thus prompting his death.
  33. Juliet's cousin; great with a sword and has a hot temper.
  34. Dream-Rebellion-Rules-Government-Hypocrisy
  35. Think of marriage now...ladies of esteem, are made already mothers."
  36. In Juliet's famous "I would rather" speech, she is trying to avoid Paris.
  37. It took Gregory 20 years to get over Helene Tucker.
  38. to date or court
  39. A satire where creatures of nature are used to symbolize the gluttony, greed, and hunger for power in mankind.
  40. Romeo's cousin sills the beans and wants no trouble.

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