Embryology: Gametogenesis

There are many persons in the class of MBBS 2k15 working towards the goal of becoming doctors/dentists. This is a simple pretest on one topic in Embryology - Gametogenesis - for you to test yourselves on. Good luck :)

Have you been studying Embryology or have you been neglecting this course because of the course tutor, Dr. Thomas? There is only one way to find out and is by taking this test.

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  1. Production of this hormone regulates Spermatogenesis and binds to receptors on Leydig cells.
  2. Spermiogenesis is
  3. True or False. Cytokinesis is incomplete in the formation of spermatids resulting in cytoplasmic bridges between successive cell generations
  4. Sertoli cells are derived from....
  5. Primary spermatocytes become secondary spermatocytes by
  6. In spermatogenesis, the primary spermatocytes enter a prophase that lasts for
  7. Spermiogenesis is the series of changes resulting in transformation of spermatids. These changes include: a) formation of the acrosome, b) condensation of the nucleus, c) formation of neck, middle piece, and tail, d) shedding of most of the cytoplasm.
  8. The time taken for a spermatogonium to develop into a mature spermatozoon is approximately
  9. Testosterone is produced by_________________ to promote spermatogenesis
  10. The ______________ forms the acrosome of a spermatozoon which contain enzymes for oocyte penetration
  11. After birth of a female new born, the sex cells present in the ovary are:
  12. During the fifth (5th) month of prenatal development the total number of germ cells reaches an estimated maximum of
  13. True or False. Follicular cells secrete oocyte maturation inhibitor (OMI) which arrests meiotic division of the primary oocytes
  14. Each month, how many PRIMORDIAL FOLLICLES begin to mature
  15. Surrounding granulosa cells become several layers thick, and secreate a glycoprotein that forms the zona pellucida layer. This is apart of
  16. True or False. The preovulatory stage is the longest of the three stages (Primary, Secondary and Preovulatory stage)
  17. The theca is derived from
  18. The process by which the primary oocyte becomes the secondary oocyte is
  19. Which of the statements is NOT TRUE about Oogenesis.
  20. Oogenesis takes place in

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