Ed Sheeran Quiz

Do you know Ed Sheeran? Do you think you know the most about him?? Let's see how big of a sheerio you are😝! Most of all, enjoy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This quiz has 12 questions. I tried to stick to 10 so the percentage made more sense, but there was just too much to ask lol. Once again, please enjoy, rare, and comment afterwards!

Created by: scratchmaster

  1. We'll start off easy. What song has these lyrics?"One week in, we let the story begin, we're going out on our first date"
  2. Slightly harder, but still a no brainier. What year did the "+" album get released?
  3. Ok now you're gonna have to have at least listened to some of his lesser known songs for this. What song has these lyrics?"I used to to think that nothing could be better than touring the world with my song, I chased the picture perfect life I think they painted it wrong"
  4. Which of these songs did Ed not write?
  5. What was the original version of A Team titled?
  6. What score did the "X" album get on metacritic?
  7. Which song did Ed say would be a good gym song because "so many people would hate that song that it would just power you up"?
  8. Which song do these lyrics come from?"Another love that's gone to waste, another light lost from your face, it's complicated."
  9. How many songs have Ed Sheeran and Eminem collaborated on?
  10. Which song mentions Tennessee?
  11. When is Ed Sheeran's birthday?
  12. Which song has he not done a cover of?

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