Easy or impossible quiz

I hope people view this quiz I had to work on it for a while so plz people view it plz I need these views to show all my friends that I can make a quiz.

Can you beat this quiz? It will take will take you approx 5 minutes if you win it I will be glad that I'm not the only one who knows these things are you a genius will you win

Created by: dannyk2001

  1. What website's motto is where games come true
  2. Who is spongebob's best friend
  3. What is Darlington backwards
  4. What is 4 cubed
  5. Chris Tarrant is presenter of Who wants to be a millionaire True or false
  6. How did Michael Jackson die ?
  7. Michael Jackson sung a song called Human
  8. Which of these is a dog breed
  9. Which of these is a wwe superstar
  10. When was the Gunpowder plot arranged

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