easy horsey quizz

this quizz is about testing your horse smarts.and so far your either going to get a 100 or sadly for some a total 10 on horses.so stop wondering if your a bum or not on horse scum and take the quizz.

Are you a total horse crazy expert or are you a total nove to the horse world. untill now you can only wonder.thanks to this great quizz you can find out wich one you are.

Created by: savannah

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  1. what is another name for the hooves
  2. what does it mean when a horse turns its hindquarters towards you
  3. ponys are considered small horses
  4. horses tails can fall off if you twist or tie them too tight
  5. horses prefer to be alone
  6. what is not food for a horse
  7. horses will never do what
  8. horses can be trained
  9. mares are pregnant for how long
  10. what is a wild group of only young stallions called

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