Easiest quiz ever.

This is the easiest test in the world. You may think I a. Tricking you and it's actually hard, but it is actually really easy. Just try and you will most likely get a good score.

Get ready for the easiest quiz ever. Don't put pressure on yourself, if you are smart, there is not a possible way for you to score another percent than 100! Good luck.

Created by: Spinny

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  1. 1 plus 2.
  2. Name the primary colors.
  3. Which is a food?
  4. What color is a granny smith apple?
  5. How much legs does a spider have?
  6. Which one is a Christmas song?
  7. What is the fifth letter in the aplphabet?
  8. Click on the fourth answer.
  9. True of false: the stripes on a zebra are always the same.
  10. Which one of these animals live in the cold?
  11. Was this quiz easy?

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