Dumbo Flied the First Time He Flied

Zoe's Reprise of London's Honour CHARACTERISTICS Species: Horse Sex: Female Race: Hackney Date of birth: 2009-03-21 Coat: Dark bay Age: 9 years 2 months Father: Elledante's Stally of Gimpy Deux Height: 15.1 hands Mother: Chessy of London's Honour Weight: 1095.6 pounds Breeder: koala_bear Items:

dude man you are like col22:00: Zoe's Reprise has eaten 2 pounds of forage and 79 ounces of granules (energy: +1.6). You have found an apple by putting Zoe's Reprise in the meadow; it has been added to your stock. 21:30: Zoe's Reprise has been in the meadow for 7 hours and has eaten 13.4 pounds of forage (energy: +3, morale: +0) 14:30: you have boosted Zoe's Reprise' motivation by stroking her (energy: +11.5) 14:00: training in stamina for 2 hours 30 (energy: -40, stamina: +2.73) 11:30: Full grooming (morale: +0) 11:00:Zoe's Reprise has been watered (morale: +0, energy: +2) 10:45: Zoe's Reprise has eaten the salt stone you have given her (morale: +0, energy: +1.2) 10:30: Zoe's Reprise has participated in a horse riding lesson (energy: -15, morale: +0, trotting: +0.086, stamina: +0.086) The instructor has given a pumpkin to Zoe's Reprise (energy: +2) 09:30: Zoe's Reprise has participated in a horse riding lesson (energy: -15, morale: +0, trotting: +0.086, stamina: +0.086) 08:30: Zoe's Reprise has just been covered (energy: -25, morale: +5 Zoe's Reprise has produced 3 pounds of horse dung yesterday 08:00: Zoe's Reprise has just woken u

Created by: potto

  1. Questions are hard to answer.
  2. Was it over before it began?
  3. Who is it? At the doorbell, i mean.
  4. Who's coming up.
  5. Was he ahe
  6. Huhu william
  7. Are you gay?
  8. What colour do you most feel?
  9. Put a flower in your hair!
  10. THis is the End

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