Dreamworks dragons: Who am I?

Welcome to the DreamWorks Dragons, "Who am I?" test. These charecters are only dragons, non oare Vikings. I really hope you like this! It was pretty simple, but I like it when my quizzes are enjoyed!

This test is based on Dragons, Race To The Edge, and DreamWorks Dragons 2. Please watch all of these shows before taking the test. Thank you and enjoy!

Created by: Animal expert

  1. I am obedient and brave. 'Clink, clink, clink' on the ice. Who am I, dear friend?
  2. I am stubborn and fiery. 'Fshhh' roars the flame. Who am I, dear friend?
  3. I am loyal and clever. 'Whooooosh' my wings whizz in the air. Who am I, dear friend?
  4. I am bossy and agile. 'Plop' the snow falls on Toothless. Who am I, dear friend?
  5. I am big and lazy. 'Clonk, clonk, clonk' my tail hits several men. Who am I, dear friend?
  6. I am stealthy and sneaky. 'Fizzle, boom!' the explosion rumbles. Who am I, dear friend?
  7. I am big and rare. 'Zap, zap, crash!' I break out of the snow. Who am I, dear friend?
  8. I am fashionable and talented. 'Flash!' my darts hit on the target. Who am I, dear friend?
  9. I am clumsy and pampered. 'Gug, gug' I spit on lava. Who am I, dear friend?
  10. I am big and rough. 'Ram!' I crush my enemy. Who am I, dear friend?

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