Dreaming: the song

READ THIS I made this song for Magicmovement.... we break up and im really depressed of it. So i write this song to try to get over the pain. But it really is a struggle losing someone you love. This song is really dear to my heart,soul,and sprit.7

READ THIS Jayla+Kim is now Jayla-Kim. We had a really big fight. I chatted on her with an energy of her's and she was becoming straight. I will miss her with all my heart. All of those 2 year....gone. I'll never forget you Jayla. Anyway i really hope you like the song. And now im going to move on, so if there's anyone out their looking for love you know where to find me. However im bisexual.

Created by: Copy n Type

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  1. I was alone,no one to hold, just me and myself.
  2. Never thought i'd be here, with all this fear, just me and myself.
  3. Will it came to an end, the lights are dead, i don't understand what im feeling........
  4. Because im dreaming Im dreaming Because im...dreaming
  5. No more pain, no more hurt, no more loving.
  6. No more fear, no more evil, no more crying.
  7. Will it came to an end, the lights are dead, i dont understand what im felling........
  8. Because im dreaming Im dreaming Because im.....dreaming
  9. It's the end, my lights are dead, i know what im felling....
  10. Because im dreaming....Im dreaming.... Because im,dreaming

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