Don't take this quiz!

Hey, I made this quiz because I got super bored and I wanted to level up. Feel free to continue taking the quiz if you want! :) If you get a high score, please leave a comment :D

So, yet again thanks for taking this quiz. I didn't really know what to put because this is my first quiz and it's kinda pointless. I just put a couple of things about me. Enjoy :D

Created by: Swiftyfan
  1. Why did you click on this quiz?!
  2. Well I only made it cuz I'm bored -_-
  3. And I wanted to level up.
  4. So. . . who wants to learn a bit about Swiftyfan? :D
  5. I love Taylor Swift music! :D
  6. My favorite color is icy blue (really light blue) :)
  7. My favorite season is spring
  8. I like to think on the bright side :3
  9. I'm kinda bad at spelling
  10. Well, I guess this is goodbye. It was nice having a conversation with you! :D

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