Dogstar's Fray (ch 1)

A trio that make up a Snakeclan patrol come trudging back to the miserable camp through the snowy leafbare. Dogstar has fallen ill, and so Branchleg temporarily takes his place, Ivypaw not feeling so great about the decision.

''"Now, now, Ivypaw.. tne leader's word is warrior code." He said teasingly. Ivypaw groaned out a "What is it?" to havw a disgusted look on her face when she was told the duty. She sighed and headed towards Breezepool's den for mouse bile. She had to help the elders with ticks.''

Created by: jhulio
  1. The snow was a bit deep, and the entire patrol of three's feet sunk into the snow. It was the harshest leafbare to come around for many moons. Prey was scarce, the Synicate was more active and kits, the futures of Snakeclan, were dying from the chill and the scarcity of fresh-kill.
  2. It was the dead of night. The patrol had been around the territory twice, only managing to catch a couple scrawny mice and a squirrel. This wouldn't feed the whole clan, the patrol knew, dreading it deeply. The patrols lead, a orange tabby, spoke up as to push the thought to the back of minds. "Come on, guys. Leafbare is nearly over and the clan has chased away any of the Syndicate."
  3. A big, solid black tomcat complained. "It may be.. but the clan is starving. This has to be the worst leafbare we've had for a while." The lithe she-cat that trotted next to the black flicked her tail in agreement. "Spiderleaf is right. This leafbare has been pretty awful. Speaking of that, we're the ones trudging through it. Can we head back now, Yellowstripe?"
  4. "Now, we wouldn't want to dissapoint Dogstar, would we, Ivypaw?" Yellowstripe sang, turning his head to look back at his rebellious apprentice. Ivypaw only spat and gave him an angry glare. "Now, we wouldn't want Ivypaw to fall over and freeze, would we, Yellowstripe?" She mocked under her breath, her gaze rolling back to Spiderleaf. He growled at her glance and spoke up. "It is freezing, Yellowstripe, and a little is better than nothing. The remaining prey has probably seen us and scurried away."
  5. Yellowstripe sunk his head and sighed. "I guess I have to agree with you there, Spiderleaf.." He meowed (gaining a "Yes!" from Ivypaw). "Come on then and we'll head back. Your fault if we get told off by Dogstar." Spiderleaf clenched the prey items hard in his jaws, anger fuzzing up as he gave his mate an irritable glare. The group took a turn towards the camp, just in their field of view. Inside the thorny walls were cats in huddles from the excruciatingly painful cold that nipped at every cat in the marsh's scruff.
  6. The three fit the tight squeeze into the camp through the protective bramble tunnel, each gracefully emerging to the soft hum of different voices droning on in their cliques. Spiderleaf took to the kill pile while Ivypaw and her mentor trotted to the worn out tree that served as a den and a clan meeting center of attention. Before they entered, Yellowstripe mewled the leader's name to no reply. The two stood in confusion at the untold silence.
  7. Spiderleaf trotted back over to the duo, informing them of the leader. "I forgot to tell you- Dogstar is in Breezepool's den with frostbite and a cold. He got pushed into the river by a Syndicate member." Yellowstripe growled but dipped his head, taking to the den and pushing in with the two behind him. There was a mixed scent of sickness, cats and herbs, Yellowstripe's eyes scanning the room for Dogstar.
  8. "So you are back already?" The deep rumble of Dogstar's voice surprised the trio. "Yes, we are, Dogstar. We caught two mice and a squirrel." Spiderleaf spoke up. A growl rumbled in Dogstar's throat. "That's not much, but.. it will be accepted. You two are relieved of your duties, and I need Ivypaw to tell Branchleg that he's in charge of the clan until I'm well again. Now, goodbye." The brief thump of head hitting moss was heard as then trio backed out and parted ways.
  9. While the mates took to dens, Ivypaw scanned the huddles for the tuxedo of a cat, Branchleg. Once her eyes fell over him, she daintily stepped through tne snow to him. "Branchleg!" She called, easily catching the tom's attention. He, of course, replied something very sour. "Yes, mousey?" He teased. Ivypaw growled and informed him of Dogstar's announcement. "You'll act as leader until Dogstar is better.." She looked down in shame to not have given a rebellious remark to the awful nickname.
  10. "Is that so?" He snorted. "I'll do my best, but theres a duty I need you to do." Instantly hearing this, she opened her mouth for a comeback, but was silenced before she started. "Now, now, Ivypaw.. the Leader's word is warrior code." He said teasingly. Ivypaw groaned out a "What is it?" to have a disgusted look on her face when the duty was told. She sighed and headed to Breezepool's den for the mouse bile. She had to help the elders with ticks.

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