Does Your Kidney Hate Your Liver?

Many people have very hateful kidneys, and they often take it out on their liver. Yes, it is not fair, but we live in a cruel world. Do people you know suffer from this problem? Do you yourself?

There are many side affects of this mutation. you must take this cool quiz to expirience the joy of living without a civil war going on in your stomach. PLEASE ENJOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Created by: Ima Buttocks
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  1. Do you enjoy long walks in the park?
  2. Do you have consistent bowel movements?
  3. what color are your cacti?
  4. do your kidney stones fall out in the toilet
  5. does my pimple look large today?
  6. will i have a oversized brain if my liver explodes? Or will my liver just strangle my kidney?
  7. why the heck does China have so many stinkin languages?
  8. if I slip will my heart fall out?
  9. will the world end in 2012
  10. did you like this quiz and does your kidney hate your liver?

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Quiz topic: Does my Kidney Hate my Liver?