Does your crush love you or hate you?

There are some guys out there that can easily tell you that they like you ...or they are way too shy. Does he think you are hot? Does he know you exist? Has he ever talked to you? these are very important questions that need to be answered.

Have you ever stalked him? whoa there..hope you havent done that cause that would be pretty creepy of you..anyway, here is your chance to know what you want to sorry if this quiz is here we go..

Created by: mayra
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  1. Does he consider you a "friend?"
  2. Has he ever hugged you?
  3. has he ever told you how pretty you look?
  4. Does he talk to you?
  5. has he ever told you he loved you?
  6. Does he stare in to your eyes alot?
  7. Has he ever made fun of you?
  8. more questions.. no effect on the answers
  9. have you ever cought him staring at you?
  10. Does he act weird around you?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush love you or hate you?