Which WWE or ECW wrestler are you?

There are lots of wrestlers and a lot are awesome and a lot are bad. A wrestler has guts and brains and wrestling is a classic good vs. bad fight. They are loved or hated, strong or electrifying sometimes both! It's a great sport.

which wrestler are you? are you a good guy? or a bad guy? do you fly or do you crush? love the fans? or hate em'? do they love you? or not? Find out with this dynamic quiz!

Created by: Tyler
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  1. You want to jump off ladders!
  2. You love everybody and they love you and know your name, and chant it.
  3. You get what you want by any means nessacary!
  4. Your awesome on the mic.
  5. Your dirty but say your the best!
  6. Whoever fights you might have been in the last match they'll ever be in.
  7. You love to wrestle and that's why your doing it.
  8. Your ARE the best. You know your the best. "the best there was, the best there is, the best their ever will be" (you think that applies to you).
  9. You love to fight and are good at it and know how to make a comeback.
  10. Your love to fly, you've gotta crash or burn style but you won't change it.

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Quiz topic: Which WWE or ECW wrestler am I?