Which wrestler are you?

Can you pull off the pedigree, or do you have the guts to smash your boss with a sledgehammer, or spear someone hanging 20 feet in the air, or F-U the richest wrestler onto his own limo, or can you beat up the legends of the WWF?

Are you Triple H, the powerhouse, or John Cena, the warrior. Or maybe you're the coward Jericho, or the opportunistic Edge. All will be revealed by taking, WHICH WRESTLER ARE YOU?

Created by: Louis Beer
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  1. You call a tough, 300 lb fat and you end up in a fight. Do you:?
  2. You are in a tag team match,you win, and are all set for your fatal-four-way ladder match between the people in this match. What do you do after the match?
  3. i am coming at you with a sledgehammer, who am I?
  4. You win a match to get the right to choose what stipulation at Extreme Rules you challenge Matt Hardy for the U.S Championship. do you choose a
  5. An old tag team member asks to re-form the stable again.
  6. You win the money in the bank ladder match. Five months later, the world heavyweight champion, Rey Mysterio has won a grueling Luchas de Apuestas Hardcore match. He's half-conscious as he walks out of the ring. do you
  7. You spill coffee on Kane and he raises a fist. Do you
  8. Your partner bails on you when you are in a tag team match between you and Christian, and Big Daddy V and Big Show. do you
  9. you get the chance to choose what place in the royal rumble you come. what position do you choose
  10. you have a tough, hardcore match against Randy Orton. do you

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Quiz topic: Which wrestler am I?