Does your crush like you? (For Girls)

"Have you been wondering if your crush likes you back?Well all you have to do to find out is to take this quiz and it will tell you if its true!Just remember its only a quiz!

"In this test it will test you on if your crush likes you or not, just answer tge questions and find out, the quiz asks questions that arent to personal so check it out!!!!!!!

Created by: Alyssa
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  2. What is your gender?
  1. Do you like him alot?
  2. Does he make eye contact with you?
  3. How well do you guys know eachother?
  4. If he does make eye contact what does he do?
  5. Does he like you?
  6. When hes around you. .What does he do?
  7. Does he talk to you?
  8. Is he single?
  9. Do lots of girls like him?
  10. Does he know you like him
  11. Almost over. . Does he give you attention?
  12. How does he give you attention?
  13. How do you contact eachother
  14. How often do you have contact?
  15. Final question, who gives contact to other first?( text, talk coming over)

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you? (For Girls)