Does your crush like you back?

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Okay, this is a very well thought out quiz. Be honest with all your answers and I can gaurantee your result will be very accurate. This quiz is for both genders.

You might see me refer to a question to what might seem for just girls but I'm a girl so I'm kinda use to saying he and him just remember I mean him/her and he/she.

Created by: nadia410
  1. Does he/she reply to your emails, texts, or calls?
  2. Do you have conversations?
  3. When he/she is near you or talking to you does he plays with his hair?
  4. Does he/she say something funny and if everyone starts laughing does he/she look at you (to check if your laughing too)?
  5. Does he accidiently mimic you or does it on purpose making fun of you?
  6. If you asked him/her for money would he/she give it to you?
  7. Does he/she laugh at your jokes but gives you that special, sweet smile when he/she does?
  8. Has he/she ever sayed "no" to you?
  9. Does he face you when he is sitting or try to get closer to you?
  10. Have you caught him or her staring at you?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you back?