Does your crush like you back??

Do you want to know if your crush likes you.Your crush is the person you like.Take this quiz and find out if your crush feels the same way you do!Good luck

Does your crush feel the same way you do?If you don't know, take this perfect quiz for you to figure out if your crush is secretly crushing on you too!!

Created by: Ashley
  1. Does he/she stare at you alot in class?
  2. Does she/he make dumb excuses to talk to you?
  3. Did his/her friends tell you that he/she likes you before?
  4. Do you think he/she likes you too?
  5. Does he/she try to make you jelous? For example, flirting or talking to other girls/guys near you
  6. Does he/she seem to follow you with his/her friends?
  7. Does he/she act different around you?
  8. Does he/she make excuses to touch you or does he/she brush your arm when he/she walks past you?
  9. When you are near, does he/she try to show off?
  10. (does not effect)RANDOM QUESTION:If you've watched the hunger games...TEAM GALE OR TEAM PEETA!?
  11. do you friends like him/her?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you back??