does your crush like you?

have you ever liked someone who you wher not sure if they liked you back? You went and made a move but he/she didnt seem interested? Well take this quiz and see if your crush is the 'one'.

is he the one for you? Does he act nice and funny around you? Find out if he is doing that because he likes you. but thanks for this quiz in a couple minuts you will find out!

Created by: grace

  1. does he ever look at you from time to time?
  2. has he ever talked to you?
  3. does he blush when your around?
  4. does he ever punch/kick you?
  5. does he act wierd around you?
  6. does he change his appearence ever?
  7. has he ever liked a friend of yours?
  8. has he ever done anything nice for you?
  9. has any of his friends tried to talk to you before?
  10. okay, final question. Has he ever attempted to ask you out?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you?