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  • I have a crush name Adam. I try saying bye to him, but I didn't need know he already went home until I saw his backpack . Almost all the time I stare at him. I think there were sometimes where he caught me. Now, he sometimes glances at me! The reason why I like him is because he looks like my crush from another school. Also, I like him because he's pretty funny and nice. One time, one of my friend said, "You should sit with him." I said, "Nah." So she said we should walk to the lost and found ( we ate outside ). So when I walked pass him I said, "HI. He's not gonna say hi back? Wow ( I said that in five second XD ). My friend said, "His face was like *Of course I can't show faces or I can't describe it*( it was a, "what the heck" face ). Anyways, the two days later, ( aka, yesterday ) after school, he was doing a weird thing 3 or 4 feet away from me and I said, "Dude are you ok?" He just look at me smiling then ran away with his little brother. Today ( 9/14/18) it was free time. Every Friday we did something fun. Anyways he was running and I said, "Are you ok?" He replied, "No." then he just ran to his friends playing games. Their are girls talking to him which makes me freaking jealous ( but their nice ), but idk what is the point if I don't want to be married. Anyways, I hope to talk to him next week! To all of ya'll guys who have crush, start simple by saying hi and bye everyday. Good luck! Btw, he went to the office due to an injury, so that's why he was alone. Also, they are not in the right order. 1. Staring 2. Saying hi 3. Him glancing at me 4. him doing a weird thing 5. Saying are you ok. You may find this's post in another quiz!

  • He...he LOVES me?! OMG...


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