Does your crush like you?

So basically, this quiz will help you determine whether or not your destiny to marry your middle school crush, HA JK, it just is gon see if they like you.

, i needed 100 characters and i have nothing else to say, k bye, but like i love you, also i hope you do this quiz bc it took an hour and i would be sad if no one did it, ok bye.

Created by: Lilllian Madison

  1. Does he/she make conversation?
  2. Does he/she touch you? ( Ex: brush your arm, touch your hand, is always high fiving you and linking fingers a bit)
  3. Does your crush ask about your day?
  4. Does he/she stick up for you?
  5. Does he/she still talk to you around his friends
  6. Is he always hyping you up?
  7. would he/she help you if you asked
  8. Does he choose you over his friends?
  9. does he sit by you given the chance?
  10. Has he asked to hang out outside of a school/work environment?

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Quiz topic: Does my crush like you?