Does he/she like you? middle school edition

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If you're wondering whether or not your crush likes you, take this quiz! From one crushing teen to another, I can tell you that I definitely have experience in the "does my crush like me?" area! But I'm no expert, so hopefully, this helps you.

Also, when you're done taking the test, please comment down below, about your results, your satisfaction, any other quizzes you want me to do, anything! Just please follow the rules and don't post sexual, hateful, violent, or libelous speech. THANKS!!!!

Created by: Diana Blacke
  1. What gender are you?
  2. What answer best explains what happens when you and your crush have a conversation?
  3. Does his or her friends look at you and then at your crush meaningfully? (maybe like their like "oooh look! It's [so and so's] crush!)
  4. Do they stare at you? If so, how often and how do they react when you catch them?
  5. So far, how do you like this quiz? (Does not effect the outcome, just curios)
  6. Do you and your crush have anything in common?
  7. How popular are you?
  8. How popular is she?
  9. Does your friends think they like you?
  10. Height difference?
  11. How does he or she act to you?
  12. Do YOU think your crush likes you?
  13. Last (related) question: Is he or she dating anyone?
  14. Did you like the test? Comment your results!

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