Does your boyfriend really like you?

Many people wonder if the other one like them or not. Taking this quiz, you will find out! Searching for the right guy is so incredibly difficult, and this test will verify if he likes you or not so much.

Are you wondering if he likes you? Does he seem suspicious? Thanks to this quiz, you will find out what the true qualities of a boyfriend should be!

Created by: Cameo
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  1. Where did you guys go on your first date?
  2. When did he ask you out?
  3. Does he make jokes about you?
  4. Does he know when your birthday is?
  5. Does he tell you that you are pretty?
  6. Does he say/text you good morning or goodnight?
  7. Does he say, "I love you"
  8. If you were to get married, where would you get married?
  9. If it was raining, would he lend you his coat?
  10. What would he do if you guys got into a fight and it was your fault?

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Quiz topic: Does my boyfriend really like you?