Does your boyfriend like you

Your boyfriend loves you very much and he wants to be with you for the rest of his life. He will do anything for you jsut to make you happy. Remember dont rush love. Love will come to you. If you rush love it wont last forever.

Love is a great thing in life. Everyone deserves love. But when you rush love it just hurts you because it wont last or be like what you thought it would be like.

Created by: Anastasia

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  1. Does he ever look at you and smile?
  2. Does he ever say I love you?
  3. Does he ever hug you when your sad?
  4. Does he choose you over friends?
  5. Does he try and touch you for no reason?
  6. Does he compliment you?
  7. Does he ever talk to you about your future?
  8. Does he laugh at you jokes?
  9. Does he ever tell you that your pretty?
  10. Does he ever try and find away to talk to you just because?
  11. Does he ever flirt with you?

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Quiz topic: Does my boyfriend like you