Does your best friend still like you?

Have you noitced some changes in your friends? Have they found someone they consider to be `better` and more `interesting` at the moment? Come here and find out!

Thank`s to this interesting and helpful quiz, you`ll find out if you`re best friend is trying to avoid you at the moment or if they`re `bored` of you. Remember this quiz doesn`t mean they hate you in any way or form.

Created by: Morgiman

  1. If you`ve contaced them recently, did they reply?
  2. If you have any sort of social media where you can check if they`ve viewed what what you`ve put, if they didn`t reply, did they view the comment.
  3. Do they brag on about `new friends`
  4. If you have communicted with them in real life since this has occured, what was there attitude like?
  5. Have they ignored you if you`ve tried to talk?
  6. Have you noticed them hanging out with new people more often
  7. Do they laugh at you when you pass with another friend?
  8. How often do they make excuses?
  9. Have they moved schools recently?
  10. If you ask them if you`re still their best friend, what do they say or do?

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Quiz topic: Does my best friend still like you?