Does this girl like you when your already taken

Your taken but there is another girl who likes you this could ruin your relationship Take this quiz to find out if she likes you if she doesn't no need to panic but if she does sus it out!

So are you ready get prepaid to face the truth or something fairly near Just remember to talk with your girlfriend if it's a major concern tell her you love her not the crush

Created by: Morgiman

  1. Does this girl smile at you
  2. When she hangs out with you does she make physical contact
  3. When she hangs out with you does she make physical contact
  4. When you are with your girlfriend does she ask you if that is your girlfriend
  5. Does she stand up for you and how often
  6. Does she laugh at your jokes
  7. At break/recess she chooses to hang with
  8. If someone borrowed a colouring pencil or pen at school she...
  9. Someone of yours was stolen she..
  10. She asked you out you say Does not effect score

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Quiz topic: Does this girl like you when my already taken