Does SHE Like You?

Ello! My name is Clarrissa, and I am the author of this quiz! I am a girl, so I know what my gender does around guys/girls they like. So this will basically tell you if they are interested in you or not.

Please give me some feedback on how my quiz was, and if it was accurate! hopefully you get the result you are hoping for, and if it was what you wanted!

Created by: Clarrissa
  1. To start us off, does she often stare/glance in your direction?
  2. Have you ever heard your name pop up in one of her conversations with others?
  3. Does she laugh at all of your jokes?
  4. Have you ever looked in her direction, and her feet were pointed toward you?
  5. Does she randomly ask questions?
  6. Does she know more about you than you know about yourself?
  7. Does she tease you?
  8. Does she act different around you? For example, does she try to act more put together around you?
  9. Has she told you about your personal life just randomly?
  10. Finally. Do YOU like her?

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