Does she like me? (Never talked before) made by a girl

Do you like a girl you've seen around school? Do you want to know if she likes you back? Take this quiz to find out! This quiz is for Highschool boys who like a girl they've seen around school but have never talked to, and want to know if she likes him back.

Oh and by the way, this quiz is written by me, a girl. So this quiz is based off how I am currently trying to show my crush (who I've never talked to) how I like him. Remember this is just how I and MY FRIENDS do it, not every girl. Every girl is different.

Created by: me

  1. How often have you caught her staring at you?
  2. When/If you make eye contact she
  3. Does it ever feel like she's "following" you? Like when you walk out of the bathroom she "just so happens" to be walking past?
  4. Does she try to befriend your friends?
  5. When/if you make eyecontact, does she play with her hair (push it behind her ears, run her hands through it etc.)
  6. Does she seem to talk louder when she is around you?
  7. Does she look the at other guys the same way she looks at you?
  8. If she's talking to a guy does she constantly look at you then back at the guy?
  9. Do your friends think she likes you?
  10. Do YOU think she likes you?
  11. Ok, no matter what your ending result is, if you really like this girl you should go talk to her. You don't have to immediatly ask her out but just get to know her! (Your answer for this won't effect your score)
  12. THIS IS THE LAST QUESTION! How did you like this quiz? (This also won't effect your score)

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