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so this is a quiz . a bad one. and remember the comments on some a re jokes bad. and remember i am not a stalker. and please please dont think im a stalker im not.

im for real im not a stalker. i got a girlfriend. and a great life. well maybe not about the life... but my girlfriend is hot and maybe i will upload a picture of her sometime.

Created by: doesthiswork

  1. here's a random question do you know who flavor flav is? just kidding. Do you have some one in mind.
  2. does she smile at you
  3. you should know if she likes you off this question. does she give you a good nickname such as mr.cuddles. thats what my girl calls me. we are wierd people
  4. does she adjust her hair when talking to you?
  5. half way done
  6. do you think im a stalker.
  7. back to the quiz. does she stare at you.
  8. almost done. are you a guy. strange to ask now. cuz that meant if your a girl you been reading about my girlfriend,stalkers and mr cuddles
  9. is this a good quiz
  10. last question

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