Does my crush love me? Help!!

I have a HUGE crush on this guy at school. I really want to know if he likes me. Guys, I hope you can help me out, too. Because I am a WRECK. Please help me!

Oh, and please don't mess with me and say Nope everytime because I am desperate to find out if he loves me because I have loved him for a year and I might cry if you mess with me.

Created by: Goldensgirl101

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  1. So he always tries to make me laugh. It seems like he'd do anything to get me to smile.
  2. He also makes fun of me in a playful way. Not mean.
  3. His friends also try and make me laugh. I'll hang with my crush and his friends and they will let me in their convo. (conversation)
  4. He'll sometimes "accidentally" run into me.
  5. We'll pretend rough house and he'll laugh whenever I pretend hit him.
  6. Most of the time he will start the convo (conversation) but I will sometimes.
  7. Whenever I find him looking at me, he smiles, kind of blushes, and looks away.
  8. We have some of the same hobbies. We both show dogs and we both love to sing.
  9. What is your favorite color? Sorry, I don't have anymore questions.
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