Does He Still Like Me?

Do you think he likes you? If you don't, take this quiz and see if he does. There are three answers to this quiz.

Does he look at you? Does he talk to you? Stuff like will tell me if he likes you still.

Created by: sarah
  1. When he sees you in the hall, what does he do?
  2. Does he ever touch or poke you playfully?
  3. Do you have guy friends?
  4. Do you always talked on the phone with him?
  5. Do he hang out with you?
  6. Has he ever told you he loves you?
  7. Has he ever try to make you laugh?
  8. Has he ever hugged or kissed you?
  9. Does he look into your eyes when he talks to you?
  10. Does he introduce you to his friends?
  11. Does he enjoy talking to you
  12. Does he try to be near?

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