does he/she really like/love you?

many people wonder if the one they love loves them back,and sometimes you never know. does anyone really know wat love is? sometimes we are let down,everyone is at some point.hopefully one day you will find your soulmate!

are you sitting at home wondering if he or she feels the same as you do? well stop worrying because by taking this quiz you will have All the answers! hurry and find the answers before you do something you regret!!

Created by: mitsie

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  2. What is your gender?
  1. does he or she ignore you?
  2. who does most of the talking?
  3. which of her/his peeps has he introduced you to or do you know?
  4. how does he/she look at you?
  5. how much do you two talk a day?
  6. so far how is this quiz on a scale of 1-10?
  7. do friends or relatives think that he/she is in love with you or at least likes you?
  8. do you think he/she likes or loves you?
  9. has he or she ever said anything about liking you?
  10. does he or she ever flirt? if so then how?

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