Does he really love you?

There are about 7 billion people in the world, and you just want him. Isn't it about time to find out if he likes you? Well the answer is probably right here!

Sorry if the answer is wrong but I guess it was fun right? I know you might not read this but still, at least you aren't bored right? Good. So go on...

Created by: Scarlet_mizuno72

  1. Does he talk to you a lot?
  2. If he talks to you, does he answer?
  3. Does he seem to look at you? (It doesn't matter when)
  4. Do you like him and why?
  5. Does he try to get ur attention In any way?
  6. Does he flirt with you?
  7. If he does this face to you 😍 what would you do back?
  8. Does he tease you?
  9. Does he touch you in any way?
  10. Last question. Which food do you like? (It does not affect ur score)

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