Does he REALLY like you?

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Does the REALLY like you? As in he REALLY REALLY likes you? As in he wants to go out with you? As in more than something as friends? If you wannah know take this quiz!

Remember no matter what your result is go for it because you are beautiful and some lucky guiy out there is dying to get to know you and be with you! What ya waiting for?

Created by: Emily

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. Does he tease you, pull your hair, tickle you etc?
  2. Does his friends tease him when your there?
  3. Does he try starting a conversation?
  4. Has he ever complimented you?
  5. Has he hugged you?
  6. Does he laugh at your bad jokes
  7. Does he give eye contact when speaking?
  8. Does he punch you playfully?
  9. Does he say goodbye/morning to you?
  10. DO YOU LIKE HIM?!!

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