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There are so many girls and boys in the world and they were all made from love by two other people. If you want a lad to notice you then take this quiz and find out if he feels the same about you as you do about him.

Is HE in love with YOU!!?? Find out today and stop wondering and pulling your hair out because he flirts with other girls. I know from experiace that the one isnt always the right one.So take my quiz and i hope your results are good ones!

Created by: Emma..x

  1. Does he often make a comment on how you look?
  2. is he very quite?
  3. Does he always hug you?
  4. Does he ever try to kiss you?
  5. Has he added you on Bebo, Myspace, MSN*?
  6. Have you got a secret valentines presant* since you met him?
  7. Have you ever got an anonomous text?
  8. has he asked you out before?
  9. Does he try to hang around you?
  10. Does he offer to help with homework?
  11. Is he friends with your ex?
  12. has he ever dated you mates?
  13. Has he ever looked at you and smiled while with his mates?

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