Does he like you for who you are?

there are many lovers out there but some don't succeed so they need to find a new lover in the world someone who likes them for who they are and care about them

do you think your lover cares about you? if you don't thank god there is this helpful quiz take this quiz to see if he does if he doesn't you need a man who like you for you

Created by: UhuTWw01 of the does he love you quiz
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  1. does he care about you?
  2. how old are you??
  3. does he follow you asking "are you okay?" 10 times??
  4. does he like your personality??
  5. does he care about your looks???
  6. does he care about your hand writing??
  7. does he say you need makeup to look pretty???
  8. does he say you have big big feet??
  9. does he mock you about how tall you are
  10. does he say your fat??

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