Does he like you (for girls ONLY)

You know that perfect guy that you like? Or that weird dude you hate? does he like you? what's going on!?! this is very confusing. or maybe its not! has he confessed his love? does this whole thig need some explaining?

This quiz will reveal it all! have fun! also, I have tried to include as many non-school-biased answers as possible. results will be as accurate as if he told you himself, promise.

Created by: Weirdhead

  1. Does he look at you or talk to you?
  2. Are you friends?
  3. Does he know you are alive?
  4. Do you like him?
  5. Do his friends seem excited or weird when you're around?
  6. Have you met in person?
  7. Is your talking supervised by anyone?
  8. Do random people or his friends come up and talk to you, mentioning him?
  9. Does he act nervous or strange or different when he's with you?
  10. Was this helpful? (Has no effect on score.)

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